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How to use Continuity with iOS 8.1 and Yosemite

iMore has a pretty good article how to use these new services that allow OS X and iOS to work together much more closely than ever before.

The Recovery Partition...

Check out Apple’s page on using the Recovery Partition. This allows you to run Disk Utility repair on your internal drive as you’ll be booted from a the secondary Recovery Partition. You can also restore a volume from Time Machine and reinstall OS X over the Internet among a few other things.

Using a Trackpad...

Apple’s sales page on the Magic Trackpad give a pretty good overview of the Trackpad and how it can be used with a desktop computer under OS X. Don’t forget to also look at the videos under Trackpad in System Preferences.

Analysis of a Presentation

Every once in a while, I'll come across a video or reference that puts into words an idea or a method I've been using to express myself all along but had never actually verbalized or identified. Two people I have identified as "teachers" in the art of presentation skills, Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds, have a great way of expressing techniques I've been using all along in a way that makes so much sense. Nancy gave a presentation at a TED conference about the art of story telling when giving a presentation which simultaneously helps you captivate your audience and tell a story.

Upgrading to Lion? Not So Fast...

A few weeks ago, Apple upgraded their current operating system (OS), Snow Leopard (10.6), to 10.6.8 in preparation for the release of their new OS, Lion (10.7). Lion will be released this month (quite possibly, tomorrow, July 14) and, although it's a great OS with lots of fantastic features, it's important that you understand the implications of moving to Lion.

First and foremost, Lion drops support for older applications that were written for the PowerPC family (the old G3, G4 and G5 computers). Leopard (10.5) and Snow Leopard (10.6) included a technology introduced in 2006 called "Rosetta" which allowed Intel-based Macs to run applications that were made for the older PowerPC computers. These applications include Microsoft Office 2004, Quicken 2007 (and earlier) and Adobe CS3 (and earlier) among others.

With Lion, Apple is no longer including the Rosetta layer that allows these PowerPC applications to work. In most cases, this shouldn't affect anyone that has upgraded to current versions of their everyday applications. For example, Microsoft Office 2011, Adobe CS5 and newer, FileMaker Pro 11, etc. should work fine with Lion (with some minor updates by the respective software vendors, no doubt). Note, although Microsoft Office 2008 is a Universal application that works on Intel computers, its installer is PowerPC only so it won't be able to be re-installed under Lion. Also, Quicken 2007 will NOT run on Lion. So, if you depend on Quicken for your personal accounting needs, you will need to look for alternatives. There are many such as the more limited Quicken Essentials, iBank, MoneyDance and more. Of course, all the iLife '11 (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iDVD and Web) and iWork '09 (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) applications will work fine. A wonderful (but a bit incomplete) resource that lists some compatibility with OS X Lion is available at This website will undoubtedly get updated quickly soon after Lion is released.

Take Control iPad Basics (PDF) Book for Free...

Our good friends at Take Control Books are constantly coming out with new books to help Mac and iPhone users make the most of their favorite toys. Fellow Macworld Expo alum Tonya Engst just published her iPad Basics book and this time, she's made it free for all! Run on over to the Take Control site and download the PDF.

While you're there, browse the other great new iPad books as well as all the other titles they've made available over the years.

Micromanagers - Do you even realize this is you?

Scott Berkun has posted an open letter to all micromanagers. Just in case you are one and don't realize it, read about what your effectiveness as a micromanager does to your staff. Also read some of the other links at the end of the article that link to how to be a great manager.

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