Product Professional

Owner Phil Goodman has been a frequent seminar speaker and instructor at national conferences such as Macworld Expo, Macworld | iWorld, MacIT, MacTech Conference, MacTech Bootcamp, Apple’s Channel Camp and MacFair/LA. With over 32 years of computer consulting experience, Phil was one of the founding members of Apple's Consultants Network (ACN) program in 1989 (one of the first in California) and served on Apple’s ACN Advisory Council from 1999-2004. Phil is one of very few consultants in the world that holds certifications in every version of macOS including the Apple Certified Support Professional, Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, Apple Certified Security & Mobility Specialist, and Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist as well as the Apple Mobility Technical Competency (iOS) credentials. Phil is also one of a handful of Apple Certified Trainers nationwide allowing him to teach Apple’s desktop and server courses leading to certification. He has been recognized as an "Apple Product Professional" – a designation reserved for only the top achievers in Apple's internal education program. Phil is also recognized as a CWNP Certified Wireless Technician so he can handle your WiFi needs with ease.

In addition to demonstrating expert level macOS knowledge, Phil is also a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. He has been using FileMaker Pro for over 30 years and has been developing databases professionally for others for since 1990.

Phil Goodman has provided database solutions for clients in various industries such as health care, marketing communications, service, IT, entertainment, human resources, and education. Using his academic background in relational database theory, he uses a modular approach to developing solutions that is both flexible and scalable but is also simple and straightforward to use. His motto is “If a manual is needed to use software we create, then we didn’t do our job right".

Apple occasonally spotlights consultants who work with their technologies and they wrote a success story about Goodman Consulting for the Apple web site. Phil continues to be a nationally recognized speaker for macOS technology and also provides regular training to the Los Angeles area Apple Consultants Network community as one of its founders and as a member of the group's leadership board.


Phil completed both his undergraduate work in Molecular Biology and graduate work at the Graduate School of Education at UCLA where he specialized in computer-assisted learning. In 1989, he joined the faculty of the Department of Mathematics at UCLA where he taught computer literacy and computer programming through 1994 and returned as a visiting lecturer in 1997. He also wrote one of the textbooks for the computer literacy course that was used by several thousand students at the University for many years. Using this educational background and his ability to listen and understand the people he's working with, Phil is very much a "people" person and this helps to put his clients at ease so that they don't feel intimidated with computers.

In 1992, Phil founded the Los Angeles Portable User Group and is the group’s President. It remains as one of the only Mac user groups in Southern California with monthly meetings. Phil was also one of the original five board members of the FileMaker Developers in Southern California Group (FMDiSC) and continues to contribute as a frequent speaker and as Topics Coordinator on occasion. He has also served as a Director and Vice-President of the former Los Angeles Macintosh Group, one of the largest computer user groups in the world in the 1990s.

Clients Include

Kaiser Permanente, Apple, Agron/Adidas, Toyota Land Cruisers (TLC) & ICON, Animal Restaurant, Son of a Gun, Trois Mec, Kieser Consulting, Skiermont Derby, LLP, Stern Fisher Edwards, Premiere TV, Lionsgate Entertainment, Ken Lindner & Associates, Lombard Graphics, Ferro-Concrete, UCLA, CBS Television, Quake City Caps, Rolled Steel, St. Germain Jeans, NYDJ, Sony Corporation of America, O’Shea Divine & Co, Santa Monica College, and several high-profile individuals in the entertainment industry and prominent government individuals, among many others.