"The Best of the Best"

We have been working with Phil and Goodman Consulting for over 15 years, and thank our lucky stars for his amazing ability to set up, calmly & clearly explain, guide and TEACH us about our 4+ computers (which we replace bi yearly) as well as our ipods, ipads, iphones, printers and our wireless wifi connection. We always seem to be buying something new and Phil has taken us from the dark ages into the light and we just keep on moving forward. Not only does he keep our household up to date, but he keeps us up to date with our kids (who also need his guidance with new apps, the right programs for school, financing and life in general). When I am on a new project away from home he is always available to help me and our team with computer needs, storage issues and more complicated applications as well as being able to send enormous and sensitive files around the world. He always returns calls and emails in a timely fashion and when he makes an appointment I know he will show up ready to work no matter how long it takes. He is easy going, funny and a pleasure to have around - what more can you ask for? All the answers to our computer issues are solved and with a smile too! I HAVE recommended Phil to a number of friends and colleagues, knowing that I will be adding to his business load. Selfishly I wonder, will he still have time for me ? He always does.

— E.H.C.


"Who Needs a Genius Bar When You've Got Phil?"

For the first time, we have confidence in our system, and it's all due to Phil Goodman. He's great! Our network is faster and finally works all the time. Our devices are all up to date, and we now can use all the latest operating system features, so everything is working at maximum efficiency and interconnectivity for us. He is a terrific teacher! Plus he tells us about all the latest cool apps that make life fun and easy. He helped us organize all of our files and photos, which were scattered and somewhat inaccessible, prior to Phil. And not only that, Phil is fun to work with and he inspires us to enjoy and use the impressive creative aspects of Apple, such as itunes and iphoto and garageband.

— F.L.


“No Client too Small, no Task too Large.”

I run the systems for a small design studio in Studio City, CA, and Phil has been my IT expert since we bought our first server 12 years ago. I met Phil at an Apple training seminar and called him for help thinking that our company was too small for him to work with. Well, he has treated us with the attention and respect that you would expect of a co-owner. All of his recommendations are time and cost effective, never recommending equipment or services that don't fit our needs. I consider Phil a friend as well as a consultant.

— T.L.

“Phil Goodman is a Brilliant Analyst, Communicator, and Gentleman”

I have worked consistently with Phil Goodman for over seven years. While I am a small fish (business) with never more than five computers in network, he gives me all the attention I require, as if I am a big fish. I appreciate that he is committed to upgrading his knowledge at the recurring seminars and updating his equipment which always demonstrates the most recent technology. Frankly, I feel fortunate to have him on my team.

— D.A.


Phil Goodman is My Computer Guru”

Phil has been my family's Computer Guru for 15 years! He's been expertly teaching, training and troubleshooting on generations of my family's Macs. When I need help on my Mac, Phil is my first and only call: he gets back to me right away, he always has time to help me, and he always solves the problem! His Mac knowledge is both supple and encyclopedic. His thoughtfulness and precision are unparalleled. Over the years, he has fixed the unfixable, cracked complex technical nightmares, and set me up time and time again with all the best tools, equipment and information so I can do my job efficiently and elegantly. Phil is a natural and gifted teacher: kind, knowledgable and patient. Add that exceptional Goodman brain, and you've got a Guru. I can't recommend Phil Goodman more highly, and I look forward to benefiting from his expertise, wisdom and wit for at least another 15 years.

— A.F.


Really Good”

I am quite comfortable with computers, but need help from time to time (of course!). He is EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE, quite responsive (especially given how busy he is), and completely trustworthy. He can handle essentially everything, and when there is (rarely) something he doesn't know, he can often figure it out. 

— J.H.

This Consultant Was Fantastic.”

Phil has come to my rescue always. I have known Phil for 15 years or so and although I don't get too adventurous using all aspects of my computer... Phil has always been there at my beck and call and in the process always taken the time to explain and show me the way. Teaching me all the fun ways to use my computer throughout the years. If you call Phil you will be very happy you did.

— Y.B.